Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beautiful Solution: Tilt-out Trash/ Recycle Bins

So what if stainless steel isn't your style and you hate that you can only fit a tiny trashcan under the kitchen sink? You aren't left with many options. With some plans from ana-white.com I built two beautiful solutions. Tilt-out trash bins. They will accommodate a plastic can up to 16" wide x 22" high x 12" deep overall. . Cute option for a recycling can too. Available in black or creamy white. 


  1. Hi, Elisha, This a good idea. Photos of kitchen are so nice.Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. HI!
    Elisha..how are you.i also use it..really this is very strong and looking stylist.really this is beautiful solution from trashcan.i like white color and you.anyways all of people must use this for cleaning places.

  3. Are you selling this trash can? I am looking to buy one for my outdoor use. I am interested in black one, that looks good to me.
    best pull out trash can