Friday, February 22, 2013


I planned for when I reached 10,000 page views I would do something to celebrate. I don't know how, or even why quite yet, but it means something special to me. It means almost as many people who live in the town I grew up in found something I created worthwhile enough to click on it. 10,000 is really small potatoes in the blog world, but I'm proud of it! Thank you. Profoundly. And to the 16 brilliant people who follow me :).... You guys are the cool trendsetters!

Okay, enough sappy stuff. Remember this post?

Well, if you love it (or maybe just love me) I've got an awesome way for you to show me. I've linked up to this cool competition through East Coast Creative.

The contest is partially based on link views. So that means, the more people who go HERE  and click on my "Tutorial: Tufting a Headboard the Easy Way" link, the better my odds are. I'm not a social media girl, or really a computer girl at all, so I know it puts me at a disadvantage. So I'm appealing to all you wonderful people. Spread the word. Tell everyone to check out East Coast Creative and the Creating with the Stars challenge. Thanks again!


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  1. So, the #12 spot is decided by link click through a, but you will sooooo get picked before they get to #11! Don't worry, clicking away just in case. Good Luck!! :)