Tuesday, May 14, 2013

See Something New?

Well, I finally figured out how to get a little computer-y and add a couple social media links in my sidebar.

I'm still too cool for Facebook. My friends and family will never stop bugging me on this one, but I'm not convinced there is anyone out there who cares that I picked my nose this morning or wants to see a photo of my grilled cheese sandwich, so I won't be jumping on the Twitter or Facebook bandwagon anytime soon (sorry to anyone who love hearing about nose picking). As for Instagram, I'm still rocking a dumb-phone that won't send photos cause we're too broke frugal to get a data plan, so you won't see a link for that one either. 

I've had a Pinterest account for a little while now, but didn't really have the time to use it. I've decided its time to start. Please follow my Pinterest page, and I promise to update it with all my projects along with all the cool stuff I see out there in Blogland. I've also included a link to my Google+ profile and an email link. You should test out my geek abilities and use them!


  1. Ha ha! I am with you on the facebook thing, I have an account and just opened a fan page for my blog, but I hardly ever post, and if I do it is about my kids, or a blog post....And I even hardly remember to do those! I will follow you on g+ and pinterest!

  2. So, you don't get Facebook, and I don't get Google+!!! I tried it and it was just a pain in the nose-pick, if you ask me. So I went back to my old profile and scrapped the Plus. I wish someone would come up with a handy tutorial and tell my why it's a good thing... :)