Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Need Your Advice

Hi everyone! I'm in need of some help. I am excited to be a vendor at The Vintage Charm holiday boutique this year! 

I already have some pieces stashed in my garage that I will make-over and bring, but what I really need to know, is what should I be making? What would you buy if you were a customer?

Do you like my Mr. and Mrs. Headboard Art?

Or the Industrial Numbered Crate?

Last year, my Farmhouse Console tables were popular.

I thought I would make a couple Tufted Upholstered Benches too.

Any other ideas? What do you think will see well? Thanks for the inspiration!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meet My New Friend

I have some exciting news to share with you! I am going to have a new monthly contributor!

One of the very coolest parts of blogging is meeting so many talented people. Other bloggers "get me" like friends and sometimes family can't. That being said, one of the coolest girls I've met so far is Kayla.

My friend Kayla from Home Coming is going to be stopping by once a month to share one of her awesome DIY projects with you. Trust me, you'll be in love with her too!

Just check out some of her past projects.

Living Room Collage
Bright and fun living room

DIY Striped Tray
Such a cute accent tray!
DIY Coffee and End Table
The coffee table I have been eye-balling for months

Does she have great style or what? I'll be totally honest, I can decorate well enough to get by, but I am no designer.  I'm sure a monthly post from Kayla will add some much needed home design around here.

Stop by, check her out, and look forward to some great guest posts, starting next month.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Song In Your Head? (Music and Decorating)

I was out working in the garage, listening to music, when I noticed something. A song would come on and I would get mental picture of a room or piece of furniture. The notes and voices would actually create a visual in my head.

Music is so emotionally powerful. Music is expressive, much like home design. With that inspiration, I came up with a fun idea.

I've found a few rooms and paired them with the song that fills my head when I see it. Just demonstrating the way my little brain works.

So, the idea is this; play the video, listen to the song, check out the photo. I think I nailed it : )