Oak Desk Re-do: part 1

Sunday, December 30, 2012
To see the finished product, check out Oak Desk Re-do: part 2

While I was out scoring this a-maze-zing dresser set last week I came upon this little oak desk. Its solid wood and very unique. I love the different sized drawers. The owners made me an offer I can't refuse so on top of the trailer she went. The husband and I were actually out on a date for our 5th anniversary and you should have seen he and I trying to squeeze everything on top of a small trailer and my even smaller car... but that's a story for another day.


White Entertainment Center

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 -
I wish we had a flat screen TV. I would be keeping this piece if it fit! I updated and enhanced this entertainment center with new moulding, hardware, paint, and a paneled back wall. The solid back wall is especially great because you can mount your TV with a wall mounting kit instead of placing it on a stand if you chose. Its all solid hardwood. VERY HEAVY! Its on casters but you will need at least 2 people and a truck. Overall measurements at 62" wide x 64.5" tall x 26" deep. The TV opening is 38" wide x 34.5" tall x 15.5" deep. I looked at the size of some TVs online and it will fit around a 40" flat screen. - SOLD


Beautiful Solution: Tilt-out Trash/ Recycle Bins

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
So what if stainless steel isn't your style and you hate that you can only fit a tiny trashcan under the kitchen sink? You aren't left with many options. With some plans from ana-white.com I built two beautiful solutions. Tilt-out trash bins. They will accommodate a plastic can up to 16" wide x 22" high x 12" deep overall. . Cute option for a recycling can too. Available in black or creamy white. 


Farmhouse Console Table

Friday, October 19, 2012

This has been the last couple of day's efforts. I love this table! Once again, I'm super tempted to keep this. I love the way the finish turned out. The top is a glazed chocolate brown and the base is lightly distressed, Antique White. I love the unique cup pull on the drawer. This would be perfect in an entryway or as a laptop table. 

Width: 51" Height: 30 " Depth: 14"



Tufted Benches

Saturday, October 6, 2012

If you've driven by my house in the last 2 weeks and have seen me in the garage, these are most likely what I was working on. A bit time consuming, but I am so happy with the results! I learned the hard way, to wear leather gloves when tufting :) It can be hard on your hands otherwise. I really earned my title as "Pneumatic Addict" upholstering these puppies. I love my pneumatic stapler! These bad boys are LARGE and SOLID.

 I have one more frame, a little different than the other 2, sitting in my garage waiting to be finished. I'll have photos of it up ASAP. 

"Distressed Black" with textured upholstery in "taupe"
Approximately 52" x 20" x 20"- SOLD


"Antique White" with grey and cream striped canvas 
Approximately 52" x 21" x 20" - SOLD


* I'm sorry but I can only sell locally right now. If you are interested in an items, email me and we can arrange something.

Rustic Wooden Lanterns

I am in LOVE with this piece! I have one of each color in large and medium sizes. I think I'm calling the first color "Coal Dust". Its kind of a neutral blend of black, grey, and brown, similar to cast iron. It would go with almost any color scheme. Second, "Milkshake"-an antiqued cream. And thirdly, "Candy Apple"- a rich red ( I know, not the greatest pictures. The red and cream are the same colors as the pillars of the same name).

Check them out HERE on DebbieDoo's Newbie Party. Lots of other fun blogs to discover too!

Large (featured in cream)


Medium size: Approximately 7 1/2" x 21" - $ 35
Large size: $55
For decorative use only!  Please don't light a candle in this lantern. 

Decorative Pillars


I made myself 3 of these pillars several months back and received so many compliments on them I decided to start producing them. I have small plants on my set, but I think they look great as large candle stands too. They're chunky and rustic. I currently have sets in 3 colors:

"Distressed Black" 
(only large and medium available)

"Candy Apple"

"Farmhouse Blue"
(only medium and small available)


"Venetian Plaster"

Small: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" - $8
Medium: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 9 1/2" - $10
Large: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 13 1/2" - $12

Custom orders available. Contact me efmolly123@yahoo.com


Finally! Some Photos

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm finally on-line!

I've been super busy in the garage (a.k.a. my shop) the last few weeks. I'm gearing up for Blitzen's Holiday Boutique on December 1st. It's going to be an awesome show! My first, to be honest. Over 30 very talented vendors are already on-board and the location is perfect to get the "fall feeling". 

I have several pieces stashed on high places all over my house, trying to keep them out of reach of 4 very busy little hands. Unfortunately, my cheap little camera has more years than megapixels on it, so it wouldn't really be an option to showcase my work. Fortunately, I have a wonderful brother-in-law who has been kind enough to let me borrow his nice camera for the past couple of days. So...Here are the projects I've had done the longest. 

Over-sized Rustic Letters

Approximately 14" x 20"
 Price: $30 each or $25 if you buy 3 or more together

I have several more letters and different colors as well. In full disclosure, I haven't made any "curvy" letters yet (such as B, C, J, ect.). I know how I'm going to construct them, I just have't made my templates yet. I will have most of the alphabet done, in a multitude of colors by Blitzen's Holiday Boutique, so no worries :)
Custom orders available. Contact me at efmolly123@yahoo.com

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