About Me

Hi there! My name is Elisha. If you told me 15 years ago that I'd be married, with 2 kids, working from home and living in the Phoenix suburbs, I would have never believed you.

I'm an independent, former hairstylist who loves building, thrift stores, and watching Nova documentaries. My husband, Bryce, is a structural engineer and one smart cookie. He's great for bouncing ideas off of. We live in Gilbert, Arizona with our 11 year old identical twin boys.

I come from a background of serious DIYers. Growing up, I don't remember either of my parents EVER hiring anyone to do ANYTHING! Seriously. If the dishwasher was broken, my Dad checked out a book from the library (remember those?) and fixed it himself. My mom sewed every curtain and pillow in our house, and all us 7 kids were enlisted to landscape the backyard.

 One of the main goals of this blog is to demystify tools and the lumber section of the hardware store. PLEASE, feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something I talk about! I promise I'll try not over-explain.

 Have fun DIYing! And keep posted for my upcoming projects!


  1. Should have guessed you were an LDS girl! What a cute profile! I have twins as well, but mine are almost 12. Yes, it is me , Karen from Redoux Interiors, your new stalker :)

  2. I enjoyed reading more about you. It made me smile because it just all seems so "Elisha." It was great rooming with you. I hope I didn't keep you up too late. :) Your family is adorable.

  3. you are my new hero. I grew up in similar circumstances. My dad never hired anyone to do anything, ever. Me and my two brothers knew how to change the oil, bleed the brakes, check the plugs and rotate the tires. I have helped my dad put a roof on our house, can a summer's worth of vegetables, I made my own prom and wedding dress'. I have been told that I am too independent??? Not sure how you can be that. I think I'm just capable. Thanks for the good read and the great projects. Making the casters soon for my new rolling carts for my tools. Yahoo!

  4. From what I have seen of your work I love it! I don't choose to follow many blogs because DIY projects, my four little boys, church and hubby get most of my attention, but I can't not follow what you are up to. Plus I should have known you were LDS :). I have recently discovered a love affair with power tools too and am slowly accumulating everything I could ever use or want. Keep up the awesome creations, you are very inspiring

  5. I am so inspired by you! I recently took a course at my community college on intro to carpentry. I don't want to be afraid of power tools and know that I will need some as a homeowner. Having completed that course, I am now taking the next level up, intro to cabinet and furniture making. I'm single and don't want to hire someone for EVERYTHING! Electrical, yes! Plumbing, yes! Thanks to you and a few other bloggers, I am taking the plunge to learn.

  6. I don't know why you don't have a cable TV home fix-up DIY show.


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