"In My Former Life..."

Monday, May 18, 2015
I bet you can't guess what your favorite DIY bloggers did for work before the blog. Learn why anyone can overcome their fears and become a DIYer.

Did you know that bloggers are actual people? We are. Shocking, I know. 

Although a few of us in the DIY blog world come from a career in carpentry or construction, most of us were everyday Joes like you. I die a little inside every time I read a comment about one of my projects saying something like "I love this, but it looks too hard." or "I wish". 

Guess what guys? There was a time in my life when I didn't know how to weld, or even drill a pocket hole. That stuff can all be learned. Don't think just because you don't have the experience, you can't create beautiful things. Clark Kent worked in a newsroom by day, but just remember what he did at night! 

Tapered Leg Bachelors Chest

Friday, May 8, 2015 -
Free building plans for modern bachelor's chest nightstand

Last month I shared with you guys my Tall Tapered Leg dresser, that I had built for our bedroom. I wanted to build a pair of large nightstands that coordinated, but weren't too "matchy matchy". If you follow me of Instagram, you probably have seen the sneak peaks. 
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