Modern Curtain Rod and Finial Tutorial

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 -
Easy to follow tutorial for making your own modern curtain rods and finals.

My plan is to stick with simple white walls in the new house, so I decided I need to introduce some color. I fell in love with the Sanela velvet curtains from Ikea in the color "dark turquoise". Our house has 9ft ceilings, so the fact that the Sanela panels comes in extra long lengths sealed the deal. 

With my curtains picked out, I started brainstorming ideas for modern looking curtain rods and finials that I could make myself. I've gotta say, I'm really happy with the simple, inexpensive design I came up with! Once again, I partnered with my friends at Rockler to show you how its done.

DIY Hourglass

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 -
Make your own DIY hourglass from supplies found at the craft store.

I've always had a love for hourglasses. My dream thrift store find would be an antique hourglass, but I'm not holding my breath till that day comes. In the meantime, I created my own DIY hourglass from a couple empty soap bottles and a few supplies from the craft store. 
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