Marble Tilt Table Game Tutorial

Friday, February 24, 2017 -
easy diy handmade game gift marble tilt table game

I've got a new building project almost anyone can do! I took an off-the-shelf shadow box and turned it into a fun, marble tilt table game. I'm sharing all the details over at The Kim Six Fix . It would make a great idea for a handmade Father's Day or Mother's Day gift.

How to Make a Stacked Plywood Table Lamp

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 -
How to build a modern stacked plywood rhombus shaped table lamp

Wow! How is it February already!? Have you ever had a hard time getting back into the groove after taking some time off? I really enjoyed my break during the holidays and being totally honest with you, I was having the hardest time getting my work ethic back (which is very unlike me). I was raised to believe if you aren't working, you're being lazy and being lazy is worse than Nickleback. 

The slump wasn't for lack of inspiration! I always have 100 ideas spinning in my head at any given moment and spent the first few weeks on the year pinning "to-do" items and sketching plans. I finally kicked my butt in gear and tackled a project I've been dying to try - a stacked plywood lamp. I love making lamps! I know electricity sounds scary, but they really are pretty easy. I made a video tutorial for my Ombre Concrete Lamp and we still use our Tapered X Lamps everyday on our nightstands in our bedroom. 
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