Rope Trim Console Table

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
I was going through some of my furniture photos and I realized that I never posted any photos of my Rope Trim Console Table. This was one of my favorite builds! It went together like a dream and I LOVED the finish. I built it like 3 days before the Blitzen's Boutique, so I was so crazy I hardly snapped any photos. I took a couple with my phone as we were setting up, and unfortunately wasn't able to get any step-by-step photos.

This is fairly similar to what I'm doing with the Oak Desk re-do. The desk is a little more rustic though. On this table a used a light turquoise, glazed with a light brown and no distressing for the base. The top came out beautifully! A medium chestnut color sealed in my favorite Minwax satin Polyacrylic. 

This guy sold pretty quickly at the boutique, but I can replicate it pretty easily and even change colors. Email me if you're interested in a custom order.

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  1. It's gorgeous!! I need one. Now I just need disposable income... :) great job!!


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