Ruffled Slipcovers

Thursday, February 7, 2013 -

One of the skills my very beautiful and very talented mother taught me was how to sew. I grew up sewing prom dresses and curtains alike (yeah we were poor). Have I mentioned that I dislike sewing? Well, I REALLY do and this last project has just reminded me of that. I guess if someone is offering me a sizable amount of money I can push past my extreme dislike for a few hours.

Due to my love-loss, I chose not to make a tutorial for these slip covers. If you are really interested in learning how, email me and I'm sure I could help you.

Recognize the chairs? They are the french twins I posted last weekend (see here). The lovely lady who commissioned the chairs also bribed me into sewing the slipcovers.

I'm not really and "bow and ruffle" kind of girl, but I do love the detail they give the seat.

What do you think? French and feminine?

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  1. The slipcovers look just adorable! I love ruffles--they add so much softness to everything :)

  2. you did a beautiful job on the chairs. I like the brown with the aged down white. a truly lovely job.


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