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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I found this set on Craigslist a few months ago. It just needed a little repair, but otherwise in GREAT shape. Dresser, mirror, and two nightstands.

I decided the finish is too beautiful to cover with paint. "Are you kidding?! This is hand carved mahogany" (name the movie)

Look at the ornate carved details.

The different patterns in the grain are gorgeous!

I know it's old. It's constructed with flat head screw and hand-driven nails. Also, It doesn't have typical drawer slides. I don't know much about antiques. If anyone know more about this style of furniture, please let me know!

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  1. it looks victorian or maybe edwardian.

    also, you can get marble tops made to match the one nightstand, so both stands will have tops again. i'm not sure if the dresser would have had one as well, but if the mirror has screw in supports with adjustable holds, then it probably did.

    the carving is wonderful.

  2. I found the exact piece like the small chest of drawers on the right w/o marble top. I have been searching for more information also, but nothing yet. There is a similar piece on e-bay selling for $899. They advertise it as 18 century.

  3. Looks very Asian inspired to me. I am guessing it was made in the islands or somewhere that would have access to solid mahogany like that. Victorian would have been veneered.

  4. I have just bought two exactly the same nightstands as you have in the above picture, however mine do not have a marble top. Did you find out anything about them? Did you refinish them? I am really interested to know. Thanks


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