My Second Liebster Award!

Friday, June 14, 2013
I'm honored to have received a second Liebster award from the talented Britney from The Princess and Her Cowboys.

The Liebster Award is an award for blogs with under 200 followers. Liebster is German for dearest, or beloved and a blog nominated for the Liebster Award is said to be worth watching.

* There are a few things to follow once you have been nominated:
* Acknowledge the blog that nominated you with a post.
* Share 11 facts about yourself.
* Then answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
* List up to 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you believe deserve some recognition.
* Post 11 new questions for them to answer.
* Notify all the bloggers you've selected that they've been nominated.
* Do not nominate the blog who nominated you.

Here are the questions Britney wrote for me:

1. Where would you travel if money were no object? I know it's not very exciting, but I've always wanted to stay in a Bed and Breakfast in New England in the fall.
2. What language would you like to learn if given the chance? I'm about 3/4 fluent in Spanish, so I should probably finish that one first! 
3. What do you like to do as a hobby besides blogging? I kind of have a problem adopting new hobbies. I like to stay busy, but I'd say the one that has been the most consistent is baking.
4. Who is your hero and why? My momma :) While she was dying, I had the opportunity to view her as just another person, not just my mom. I discovered what a patient, resilient person she was.
5. What is your favorite childhood memory? Hmm, maybe our family trip to Savannah. 
6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? AZ! I love living by family and could never move away again. I would like to move a little closer into town though. 
7. What makes you unique? That's a hard one! I'm kind of a blend between a boy and a girl (yes I realize how weird that sounds and no, I don't mean anatomically) I have a large collection of high heels, I often wear extensions, and I love putting together and outfit. On the other hand, I have no problem with splinters, I love the hardware store, and look for any opportunity to shoot my bow.
8. How did you come up with the name for your blog? I use my pneumatic nail gun, stapler, paint gun, etc, just about every day, so it made sense. 
9. What is your favorite part about the summer? I live in "The Valley of the Sun". My favorite part of summer is when it ends. 
10. Favorite food? Doughnuts :)
11. What blog has helped you out the most as you've started? Well, the person who has helped the most is Miriam from Be Book Bound

I'd like to nominate these four ladies:

Beja from Howdy Honey - This girl is amazing! Beja JUST started her blog and already has been featured on some of the "big dog" blogs. She's got a bright future!

Mindi from My Love 2 Create - Mindi is a sweetheart. She is often the first one to comment on anyone's post and she gave me some good advice when I first got started.

Kelly from A Swell Place to Dwell - Kelly is so much cooler than me. I love her style! All of her projects are young and hip. She has a great eye for style!

Andi from Delusions of Ingenuity - I'm pretty sure Andi has been nominated multiple times, but she still deserves another. She makes me literally "laugh out loud" (which is grammatically incorrect, and Andi would appreciate me saying so) with every post of hers. Such a funny gal!

So my questions for you four are these:

1. Were you a "cool kid" or a nerd in High School?
2. What is your favorite project you have ever done?
3. What is your best physical trait?
4. As a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?
5. What's your favorite power tool?
6. What is the greatest product or technique you have discovered this year?
7. If you could go back, would you change the name of your blog? And if so, what would it be?
8. Do you think you're funny?
9. Does your husband think you're funny?
10. Do you attend church?
11. What's the best thing you've ever eaten?

Thanks again to Britney for my second award! And I hope my nominees will share some fun info about themselves with us as well!

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  1. Thank you so much Elisha!! You are so sweet! I am so honored you nominated me! You made my day!


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