Junk Pickin' in January

Saturday, January 18, 2014
January has hit me hard people. 

I made a conscious choice to slow down on furniture this month in the hopes to recouporate from the past two months of holidays and boutiques. 

I'll be honest, its been nice. 

I have put in some garage hours over the past couple of weeks. I built my Industrial Farmhouse Table and have spent several hours on a computer armoire that I will share in a couple days. 

Right around New Years, I had the chance to go junk pickin' in a cool little town about an hour away.

I scored this super cool, double scale for $25 bucks, and can you believe I got those vintage, zinc-lid mason jars for $3 each?

One of my favorite finds was this cool old shoe form. It actually has brass caps on the underside of the toe and heel and toe.

"What is this?" you ask.

It is a 40" man hole cover.

I think its awesome. My husband can't figure out why I would spend $30 for a sewer grate. Just wait, I have something cool planed. Did I mention it weighs something like 80 lbs or more? Heavy is an understatement.

Industrial wood wheel pulleys are always cool. I think the man hole cover and the pulley are going to conspire together on a project.

The same shop I found the shoe form and mason jars is where I picked up this vintage mile marker sign. I fell in love with the individual number plates. Plus, I have the perfect spot in my kitchen for it.

I'll be honest, I thought about being selfish for a while. If I tell you where I found this great stuff, then you would go there and drive the prices up. I didn't want to reveal my "source", but then I decided that's what this blog is all about. Making unique furniture and home decor accessible for everyone. Soooo...

If you are ever east bound on Highway 60, stop in the little towns of Miami and Globe, Arizona. 

They are cool, old, mining towns that have been neglected for decades. Not trendy and popular like Sedona or Bisbee, but full of good ole' junk (and some yummy Mexican food).

Have you ever been? What did you think?


  1. Such great finds! I am dying to see what you do with the man hole cover and the pulley! I used to live in Pima as a little girl so to hear you mention Globe brings back memories! I am excited to see your computer armoire!


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