Thinking of Grandpa (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
I'm one of the lucky few who grew up with both my grandfathers alive. They both have been so influential in my life, but today I'm thinking of my Grandpa Huish.

Look at what a stud he was! That's him with my mom as a little girl.


Grandpa was talented at so many things! He spoke Spanish fluently, was an inspiring educator and community leader, and could polish off a quart of ice cream faster than anyone I've met. Like me, he was also a DIYer. 

He was known throughout the neighborhood for his green thumb and amazing vegetable garden, but my special memories of Grandpa take place in his wood shop.

Grandpa was a wood worker and artist. Most of the family have pieces of furniture he lovingly built by hand, like my cedar hope chest I refinished.

Or one of his gorgeous, turned wood bowls that he formed from exotic woods. His bowls really became his hallmark later in life. 

So when my friend Steph from Crafting in the Rain asked me to check out her husband's new Etsy shop and participate in a giveaway, I instantly thought of Grandpa.

Like Grandpa's bowls, Steve turns beautiful, wood pens out of all kinds of wood--like walnut and olive, with a variety of metals so there's something for everyone!  Steph even added her own contribution to the shop by painting some with fun colors. We're giving away TWO pens, so there will be TWO winners! 

  • Koa wood pen (choice of metal finishes)
 photo koa-pens_zps837ff7ae.jpg
  • Paint dipped maple pen (choice of color)
 photo painted-pens_zpsf973630b.jpg
I'd love for one of my readers to win, so use the Rafflecopter form below to enter (see terms for giveaway conditions and end time.) Huge thanks to all the blogs that are hosting, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. All the pens are just beautiful--I love the Koa Wood Pen--I love them all...

  2. Your grandpa sounds a lot like my dad, who has a green thumb, was a master at wood projects and to this day eats a bowl of ice cream (and has kept his trim figure) every night.

  3. The Koa wood pen with black titanium is lovely! I'd love to win that one! I'd give it to my soon to be Step-father as a wedding gift this summer.

  4. So beautiful!! And I'm dying over your grandpa's bowl!


  5. Your grandpa sounds a lot like my dad, who has a green thumb who was a master at wood projects! Trying to keep the family tradition going!


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