Cheap & Easy Studded Pillow Cover

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm a bit of a rebel. 

Okay, stop laughing. I really am. 

I'm not good at doing what I'm "supposed" to do just because I'm supposed to do it. And if we've learned anything from television, its that rebels like metal studs. 

American Punk Boys
Not ready to sport a mohawk and black leather, I came up with a DIY studded pillow instead.

First, I started with a simple piece of burlap cut into a 19" square. The plan is to make this for an 18" pillow form. The extra inch on each side allows for seam allowance once I sew it together. 

You could maybe get away with a pre-made pillow cover, but you need something with an open weave. Burlap works perfectly, but I'm sure you could make another fabric work.

Now here's the secret. For the "studs", I used cheap, brass plated brads. You know, the kind you used in middle school to hold your science report together (they are sometimes just called "paper fasteners").

Get the shortest length you can find. I used 1/2", but they were a little harder to find. You can find them here, 1/2" Brass Paper Fasteners on Amazon.

To apply the brads, you just push one through the open weave of the fabric,

flip it over, and spread the prongs out flat.

This is the part where you can get your craft on! What design would you like? The options are only limited to your creativity.

Like I mentioned before, you may be able to use a fabric other than burlap, but I haven't tried yet. I was thinking, if you had a nice heavy fabric that doesn't fray (like maybe canvas or a knit), you could maybe just poke holes where you want your studs to be and stick the brads through. If you feel brave enough to try, please send me a picture!!!

I used some coordinating cotton fabric to make an envelope pillow cover, you can read the tutorial here, and here is the final result.

And with this one, I attempted a trendy, geometric pattern.

And if you like basic, here is a classic, all over design.

Here is a quick, blurry look at the back, with the envelope enclosure.

The studs lay nice and flat, comfortable to lay on. I was looking around a found some pretty awesome decorative brads, like these Brad Pack 200-Pack, Citrus or these Metal Paper Fasteners 50/Pkg-Leaf/Metallic  


These studded burlap pillow covers were so fun and  easy to make! What do you think? You wanna give it a shot?

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  1. What?!! So totally brilliant and awesome!! I am in love with this idea you are a genius! Oh, and I dare you to try the mohawk, lol! Pinned!

  2. Yes I do want to give this a shot! What a great idea! Julia

  3. This is such a great idea. Pinned. Would love for your to share it on Merry Monday link up tomorrow.

  4. Elisha, I just love this idea. Thanks for sharing at Project Pin-It. I will be featuring you this week.



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