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Monday, July 28, 2014

I got a pretty cool email last week from my friend Kim from Reposhture Studio. It was an invitation to take part in A Tour Through Blogland. The tour is a cool way for us bloggers to introduce you to blogs that we read and are inspired by. 

I'll be honest, I was kinda disappointed to be asked to join by Kim. Disappointed because I couldn't ask her to join! I love this girl and her work! If I had to have someone else create furniture for me, hands down I would choose Kim

She has a special knack for finding the cool in something. She is a queen at upcycling and refinishing. Not to sound rude, but there are A LOT of furniture ladies out there. Kim's work totally stands out. Its always unique and right on trend. For example:

Now its my turn to answer some questions about me.

1. What am I working on?

Its been a while since I've done a furniture make-over, so I decided it was time to paint something. I've had this little dresser in my garage for a while, but I was finally struck with inspiration. Here's a sneak peak.

Also, while attending SNAP, I met the ladies from Floracraft and discovered a couple of their new products. I've been having fun playing around and will have a super cool project to share with you soon. 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I love just about every period of design and furniture. Honestly, my taste is like a mix-tape. Currently, I'm very inspired by anything Vintage Industrial. I've talked about the little mining town of Globe that I love to visit. If I see something I like, and try to replicate a part of it in my furniture. Even if it's just the patina, or scale.

Mr. Don Draper Desk
I think my posts are a bit more technical than what other bloggers offer. I try to make my tutorials super detailed (for anal retentive people like me). I focus not only on making things pretty, but making things work. I have a lot affair with power tools, and offer posts explaining tools and their different uses. 

Occasionally I will use a more difficult or specialized technique, like welding. The point isn't to impress you with my skills, its to show you that if you study, practice and have confidence there isn't anything you can't do. Seriously, I know it sounds cliche, but we hold ourselves back all the time. Why can't girls weld or dovetail? 

3. Why do I create what I do?

Alright, I'm going to let it all out with this question. Despite what some people may think, I don't view myself as an artist. I like to label myself as a "technician". I'm a perfectionist and very stubborn. I was raised by parents who were the ultimate DIYers. If they didn't know how to do something, they figured it out. I love learning and I want to know a little bit about everything! If I see I piece of furniture, or stare a blank wall I see it as a challenge, something to be tackled. 

I share when I've learned with you guys so you can have the confidence to tackle your own challenges. 

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Most of my projects start out as steam drawings on my shower door. With my twin boys running around, I don't get much quiet time to think. Shower time is about the only time I can be alone in my thoughts. Once I can master (or even somewhat figure out) Google Sketch-up, I want to start sharing some of my drawings I've scribbled on paper scraps, but in clear, easy to read plans.

I think I prefer taking an inspiration piece, removing what I don't like, and adding what I do, than pulling a design out of thin air. Although, I do plenty of that too.

Now that you've heard enough about me, I'd like to introduce you to three SUPER talented ladies. You have likely seen their work filling up my Pinterest Boards. I love just about everything they do and consider their blogs HUGE inspiration for my work. You guys are going to love them too!

"Hey there! I'm Allison from Two Thirty-Five Designs. I blog from a tiny, flat area of Texas where I am constantly carpooling a gang of kids. I have a slight addiction to painting and DIY'ing, feeding my need for change. I have a slight obsession with gadgets, glitter and fashion. If I am not juggling the not-so-little's around town, you can usually find me in my garage building or painting, with the husband and the offspring in tow. I am so happy to meet you guys and huge thanks to Elisha for having me!"

Kayla from Home Coming:
"I'm a DIY and home blogger who teams up with her carpenter husband, Justin, to update their Minneapolis home on a budget. They've been blogging on Home Coming and sharing their home remodeling stories and inspiring DIY's."

Adrienne from Dream Book Design:
"Dream Book Design is a DIY Home Design and Parenting blog. We are a husband and wife team, that have a passion for creating a stylish home, but on a tight budget. We love creating our own things ranging from furniture, to arts and crafts. We also have two little boys and love chronicling the crazy journey that is parenthood!"

So stop by and check out Kim, Allison, Kayla, and Adrienne's blogs. Bring napkins though. Drooling is likely to occur. 

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  1. Look at you welding! I wish I had more time for DIY--and more tools. :)

  2. Wow I am loving the dresser you're working on so far! I can't wait to see it finished...Thanks so much for the blogland tour, I am off to check out the others!

  3. Wow! I LOVE all those blogs.. There are such wonderfully talented people out there in blogland. It is so fantastic that you are featuring each other! I'm definitely going to go and visit!

  4. You are WAY too kind girlie! But I love your for it and for the super humbling words. I loved finding out more about you and for sending me on a 45 minute deviation from a build so I could see the other blogs. What amazing choices! Thanks for sharing yourself with the world, we are better for it.

  5. I adore Kim, and you're so right about her! I've also been enjoying getting your posts emailed, and save many for future reference, though I'm a fraidy cat when it comes to power saws. :)

  6. Love that photo of you welding!

  7. Super blogs! I am always amazed at how many amazing people out there! I am excited to see what you come up with using that smooth finish, I haven't had a chance to mess with mine! Love the dresser too!

  8. OK, so I knew you were a rock star before, but YOU CAN WELD, TOO?!? New level of rock-star status, friend! xoxo Great blogs featured, too.


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