Black Edwardian Mirror

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 -

I have a before and after to share with you today. Last year, I scored a walnut dresser built around 1890, at a garage sale of all places. I refinished the dresser long ago, and left the poor, sad mirror to sit in my garage for almost a year. 

Why didn't I paint the mirror to match the dresser? When I sold the dresser, I asked the new owner if they would be interested in the mirror as well. They passed. The way I feel, is there is such a thing as too much "old" in one room. Plus, I know this may bother some people but as I've said before, a matching dresser and attached mirror is not "in" anymore. Don't believe me? Pick up a design magazine and tell me what you see. Anyways...

Here is the way the mirror looked before:

And here she is now:

The finish was really easy. I brushed on one coat of CeCe Caldwell paint in Beckley Coal. Once dry, I brushed on one coat of wax and while still wet, sprinkled on some Dust of Ages by Amy Howard.

Most chalk paint companies have their own version of an aging dust. It is pretty much that, dust. It gives the look of something that has been sitting around for decades. You sprinkle it on a freshly waxed surface, lightly brush it around, and once the wax is dry, you can buff off the access.

What I like about it, is that it can be used over dark or light paint to create an antiqued look.

You see those little shelves on either side of the mirror? Back in the day, before electricity, you would place a candles on those little shelves and the mirror would help reflect the light into the room. Pretty cool, huh?

So what do you think? Obviously, it is much too large for this little bookshelf. If I were keeping it, I would probably hang it on the wall. I'm digging the large scale of it.

If you are digging it too, it's available under the shop tab.

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  1. You don't know how excited I became when I saw you used our paint. I quietly stalk your blog. Love the work you do, power tools and welding, oh yeah!

  2. Very cool Elisha, I love the finish, you are a master at creating amazing finishes!

  3. Stunning mirror, stunning transformation


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