Quick and Easy Wood Napkin Rings

Thursday, October 30, 2014 -

I've been working on a fun, new project with Thanksgiving in mind. In the process of staging photos, I realized that I need a set of wood napkin rings... like immediately. I walked into the garage and a light bulb came on.

Edge banding!

So, this is the easiest tutorial ever. Grab yourself some *edge banding (remember that one time I showed you how to add edge banding to plywood?) and cut about a 6" long strip.

Overlap the ends by about 1 inch. If you happen to have an old flat iron around (yes, the kind for your hair. Some may call it a straightener), pinch the overlapping area for about 2 seconds. DO NOT use your good, $200 flat iron for this. The glue does wipe off easily, but I don't want to be responsible for transferring wood glue into your hair.

Don't have a crappy flat iron? No problem, just squirt some super glue between the overlapping ends and hold together till dry.

That's it. Boom.

I know, pretty basic. But, pretty handy and universal too. You can stain the wood any color your little heart desires.

Stop by in a few days to learn another, DIY table setting tip. Hint: sneak peak above.

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  1. Such an awesome idea, great repurpose! I should be fancy and do place settings....

  2. These are just perfect! I love the table setting you're creating here. It's crisp and traditional but not at all fussy.


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