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Thursday, June 18, 2015 -
How to make a DIY arrow print pillow

I struggle with patterns. It's not that I don't love the detail and texture a piece of patterned fabric can bring to a room, I just struggle to commit.

 "I really like this design, but I wish the colors were a little brighter."

"What if I change my curtains and the pillows look too busy?"

Thoughts like this paralyze me from ever pulling the trigger on a specif print and my home ends up a sea of solids. I heard about Paint-A-Pillow, I figured it was time to overcome my pattern phobia. A Paint-A-Pillow kit is pretty simple. You choose either a white or cream pillow cover, one of about a thousand stencils, and your paint colors. 

I started by slipping in the cardboard insert to make sure the paint doesn't soak through and stain the backside of the cover.

Then, I lined up the cover in the center of the stencil frame. There are little recessions on the bottom to allow you to place the zipper.

Now, I could place the stencil on top. Let's be honest. Stenciling can be tricky. The hardest part is getting the stencil lined up perfectly and making sure it doesn't move. The Paint-A-Pillow frame helps with that. Someone decided to put these brass tabs on the frame that slide through openings in the stencil, aligning it perfectly.

Once the tabs were bent down, that bad boy wasn't moving anywhere.

We are looking to move soon and in my new house, I plan to incorporate a lot more color. The paint that comes with the kit is pretty nice. It's fabric specific paint that supposedly doesn't get crunchy when it dries.

Another huge key to stenciling success is to use very little paint. I made sure to blot the heck out of my brush before pouncing onto the pillow cover. Since my stencil design had small details and I was using multiple colors, I used the small brush provided. If I wanted the design all the same color, I probably would have used a small roller.

Once I filled out the whole stencil, it looked like this. Kinda like my sons' kindergarten homework.

I pulled the stencil off, and set it to the side. Next, I had to wait for the paint to dry completely on the pillow cover. Since I used so little paint, it didn't take very long. Once dry. I flipped the cover over, put it back in the frame and realigned the stencil. It was easy to copy the same color pattern on the second side since there was still paint on the stencil.

Once everything was dry, I inserted the pillow form and zipped her up. Voila! A custom throw pillow.

 I'll admit, when I first opened the kit I thought the pillow form would be way too small and the cover would look baggy. It actually fits like a glove.

Use a paint-a-pillow kit to make a multi colored arrow pillow

I'm excited to make a few more for my future living room, but in the meantime this one rests happily on one of my son's beds.

 Although I received this kit for no cost, I'll honestly use this kit again and have plans to purchase more products. I've never seen a way to make custom pillows so easily and customized to my exact decor. Being able to pick my own paint colors was pretty awesome, but the biggest sales point for me are the pillow inserts. They are a nice, dense, down-alternative. I couldn't buy pillows this nice for the same price. 

Now for the best part. One of you will win your very own Paint-A-Pillow kit, shipped right to your door! Fill out the Rafflecopter below for chances to win. 

How to make a DIY arrow print throw pillow

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*This post features sponsored product from Paint-A-Pillow, a trademark of Domesticated Partners, LLC. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced. 

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  1. I'd love the archery kit. So many beautiful designs and paint-a-pillow party sounds great. -Jwalden

  2. I love the Tribe stencil and many others!!

  3. I would love to use the Fossil Shell stencil to make a pillow.

  4. I really love the Drifting Arrows pattern, but also the Archery too!!! SO MANY good patterns to choose from!! Your arrow pillow turned out fabulous, and goes beautifully with that patterned pillow in the photo behind it - so I think you are doing GREAT with patterns...and pillows, LOL!!
    in case you need my e-mail too: julieaspear AT gmail DOT com

  5. The peacock feathers pillow kit is gorgeous!! I think I would want several of them!

  6. The peacock plumes cushion unit is flawless!! I think I would need a few of them!


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