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Wednesday, August 10, 2016 -

Hi friends! I am busy working on new projects and improving the website. Since we are all friends here, I think it's time we had an honest talk. 

I have the best job in the world! I get to be creative and work with some of the coolest people and brands. It's not always fun though. There is a lot more hard work/stress/sacrifice involved in blogging than most people realize. However, I am SO lucky that I can help support my family by doing what I love and YOU GUYS MAKE IT HAPPEN! You all are my number one priority and I want to continue to give you my best work. I promise to stay loyal and honest no matter what. 

I have a quick survey for you guys. If you could answer the six short questions below, I will love you forever! Give it to me straight, and be as honest as you can. Thanks guys!

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  1. Only saw two questions on survey 😯

    1. Yes, I'm sorry Loulie. There is a problem with the survey not being displayed properly on IPhones. I am working to try to fix it. It still works fine on desktop if you have a minute to stop by. Thank you!

  2. really enjoy your blog, interesting seeing what you create with your pneumatic tools :) Jordan

  3. Please set a better example for how to handle power tools. Hair should always be up and out of the way no matter how skilled you may be. It can get in the way or even just hinder vision. Either way, these are unnecessary risks.


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