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Monday, October 31, 2016 -

Happy Halloween everyone! I want to thank you all for the fantastic response to my boys' Modern Bunk Beds that I shared last week! I'm thrilled with how they turned out and I'm glad you guys liked them too. 

My twin boys' bedroom is getting a full makeover. I'm still putting together the rest of the furniture and design elements, but wanted to share my latest project with you. I want to give the room a very subtle, mountain/wilderness theme while still keeping the modern style that runs through the rest of the house. I sketched up a set of 6 minimalist, printable art prints to hang on the wall. 

I made the simple silhouette of different mountain peaks and added the name and elevation. Each image actual size is 11" x 14". I discovered I could make 11" x 17" copies at Staples for $0.17 each and just crop off the excess. 

You can save the images below, or download the files from the link below.

If you're fancy and print your images on nice thick paper then you can just drop them into a frame and hang them on the wall. If you're a tight-wad like me and print your images on copy paper, I recommend placing a piece of poster board behind the paper in the frame. 

The prints cost me $1.02, the poster boards were $3.56. I got each frame/mat combo for $18. If I was ambitious I would have made my own frames, like I did in my kitchen. Either way, not a bad price for custom wall art. 

Ready to print your own modern mountain art? Pin the image below to save the idea for later.

free printable modern minimalist images mountain decor

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  2. I'm so sad the files are gone. The link doesn't work. I really wanted for my mountain hiking son. He would LOVE these. Can you make it work? Thanks

  3. Hi - are you able to make these prints available again? I'm decorating my son's nursery and would love to incorporate these.

  4. http://www.pneumaticaddict.com/2016/10/6-free-minimalist-mountain-art-prints.html

    Are these still available?

  5. I believe that minimalism is the most consistent and optimal style for any scientific presentation.


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