How to Make a Simple Industrial Metal Snowflake

Friday, December 2, 2016 -
How to make a simple, industrial metal snowflake. Easy DIY holiday door hanger.

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Happy Holidays everyone! Did you all eat enough turkey last week? I'm currently sitting on the couch eating pie and working on my winter bod. Speaking of winter, I guess it's time to start busting out the holiday decorations. I have a whole page of DIY Holiday ideas, like my 3D Plywood Trees. Today I'm sharing a SUPER easy tutorial anyone can make in a single afternoon. A HUGE industrial metal snowflake door hanger, no special tools required!

I've had the privilege this year to be a brand ambassador for one of my favorite brands Simpson Strong-Tie. I teamed up with them again, using some of their cool structural straps to make some easy holiday decor. 

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I found all my materials at The Home Depot. If you have any trouble finding the Simpson Strong Tie strap, you can check out my "Come Shop with Me" video where I give a quick tour of my Home Depot and show some of my secret tips. (Don't worry, I turn the camera :) 

Materials List:

1. Align the bottom right corner holes of two short straps along the back side of one of the long straps. Find the 6th hole from the end and place a 3/8" screw through all three layers. Twist a nut on the opposite side and use the screwdriver and wrench to tighten everything together.

2. Repeat step one on the other end of the long strap, creating a section.

3. Place all three sections together, making sure to align three of the holes in the center.

Attach sections together using 1/2" screws and dome nuts.

4. To keep the screw head from scratching your door, stick a 1" adhesive felt pad next to each screw.

The felt is slightly thicker than the screw heads and will allow the snowflake to slide across the door without issue.

5. The last step is to create a hook to hang the finished snowflake by. Cut a 10" length of framer's wire. Loop both ends through the end of one of the long straps and twist the ends together.

Hang your masterpiece on the door and you're ready for the holidays.

How to make a simple, industrial metal snowflake. Easy DIY holiday door hanger.

I had a few extra 9" long straps, so I made a small metal snowflake ornament.

I love how large it is and it was SO easy to make!

Ready to build your own? Pin the image below to save the idea for later. 

How to make a simple, industrial metal snowflake. Easy DIY holiday door hanger.

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  1. I love this! I made the small ornament version. I am making my son a box of Christmas ornaments to give him when he moves out so he will have something to put on his tree. He loves building things, fitting things together, making things work so I am making him a bunch of ornaments from hardware and tools. I am also making him some traditional ones but I am excited about the hardware ones. :)


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