How to Make an Octagon Wall Shelf

Friday, December 22, 2017 -
How to build an octagon shaped wall shelf with this simple tutorial and building plans

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I'm usually a HUGE procrastinator, but I' actually planning ahead for once in my life. I just happen to know that my boys will be getting a few small collectibles for Christmas next week. (I have an "in" at the North Pole). Until now, I've been the mean mom and haven't really caved on collectibles like Tsum Tsums and Shopkins. I have a low tolerance for clutter, so the idea of welcoming dozens of little tchotchkes into my house gives me hives. 

The trouble is, my kids are collectors. I can't tell you how many "special" rock piles and happy meal toys my boys cling on to like they are rare artifacts. Every little toy is the most important possession in their world and I better not dare to thrown them away. 

I decided that if I created a designated place for all the little trinckets and souvenirs to go, maybe I could soften up a little. I designed an octagon wall shelf using only two pieces of lumber. I found new 1 x 5 appearance boards at Home Depot and was super stoked to use them. However, you could use almost any width of board you'd like. Keep scrolling to see how simple this shelf was to build! 

Materials List:
  • (2) 1 x 6 x 96" boards

1.Cut two, 28" lengths of board for the center shelves. 

Cut eight, 12" lengths of board, mitered at 22.5 degrees off-square on both ends. It should be shaped like a trapezoid with the angles pointing in on the same side. 

2. Space center shelves 8-3/4" apart and parallel. Attach a side piece on either end, short side facing inward. Secure using wood glue and 2" brads. 

3. The shelf takes shape in one step, thanks so a secret weapon. Did you know you can clamp irregular shapes using ratcheting tie down straps? Yep, the kind designed to secure luggage to the roof of your car. They are super strong and apply even pressure while glue dries. 

I use tie downs all the time (like on my daily Home Depot trips). I look for 3 things in a good ratcheting strap: strength, a comfortable handle, and coated hooks that wont scratch up whatever I'm securing. The Husky 1" x 12' Ratchet Tie Down 4-pack I just scored has all those things. 

4. Apply glue to the ends of each side piece (including the ones attached to the shelves). Arrange the pieces into an octagon shape and wrap a ratcheting tie down strap around the perimeter. Begin to tighten the strap just enough to put pressure on the pieces and get them aligned. 

Measure opposite sides and adjust the shape until you have a perfect octagon. Add a second tie down strap and tighten both until you have firm pressure.

5. Paint or finish the shelf however you'd like. I used a small french cleat to hang my shelf on the wall Now we have a place for all those little treasures to live.

I couldn't decide if I should stain or paint the shelf, so I did a little bit of both. I created a stained edge detail, then tapped it off and sprayed two coats of gloss white. 

I'm kinda obsessed with Octagons now. Don't be surprised if you see this shape popping up in my builds in the future. 

This time of the year is a good time to reflect on our blessings. I am tremendously grateful to all of you for your willingness to support this little dream of mine! Without your curiosity and support, I wouldn't have the chance to create beauty everyday. Thank you! I hope you all have the best of holidays, filled with good food and relaxation! Fingers crossed you'll all get some sweet tools in your stocking. 

Are you ready to build your own? Feel free to pin the image below to save the idea for later. 

easy how to build tutorial octagon hexagon geometric modern wall shelf

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  1. I love this and especially how you ended up finishing it. I haven't done any octagons yet but I did do a hexagon pattern on my daughter's bedroom wall. I'll have to find a place to incorporate this. Thanks so much for your blog. I really enjoy the uniqueness of your style.

  2. I absolutely love this!! We just finished building a new coffee table and media console and I think this would be a great piece to add to my living room. Thank you for all of the fun projects you design and create!


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