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How to convert a simple sawhorse into the ULTIMATE adjustable height interchangeable workstation using FREE building plans

*This post is sponsored by BuildSomething.com and The Home Depot #thdprospective, and contains affiliate links. 

Don't worry! We are still crazy busy working on our Building Modern on a Budget house building series (in fact, we're getting close to finishing up the house!), but I came up with a really cool idea for the ultimate adjustable sawhorses and had to take a day to build a pair. 

At first my only goal was to allow the top of the sawhorse to raise and lower, but after brainstorming for a little while, I realized there were SO MANY other bells and whistles I could easily add. Basically, I took an off-the-shelf Burro sawhorse from Home Depot and created a simple wood tray that receives a sacrificial board or unique drop-in insert. It's a really quick and easy project that almost anyone can tackle, even a beginner! I teamed up with my buddies from Kreg Tool and BuildSomething.com to share the free building plans. 

If you're interested checking out the FREE building plans yourself (including all the fun attachments), head over to BuildSomething.com

Watch the full build video below to see the whole process. Keep scrolling for more information about the cool new tools I got to try out on this build and what my thoughts are. 

Tools Used:

You guys have seen me use Ryobi tools plenty of times in the past, that's nothing new. But, you've probably haven't seen these guys before! Have you heard about Ryobi's new, compact, HP line? 

A couple months back, I was invited to the product line launch via Zoom. Hands down the one product I was the most excited to try was the brand new 18V Brushless Cordless Cut-off Tool

It's very similar to a small angle grinder, but with the perpendicular handle and wire guide foot, it's much easier to wield one-handed. I found it's way easier to control cuts on material like sheet metal. The cut-off tool comes with three different discs for metal, drywall, plastic, and even tile. 

I also was super excited to get my hands on the Ryobi HP 18v Brushless Drill and Driver combo kit (A.K.A. the bread and butter of any DIYer's tool box). 

Size matters guys. 

I've been lucky enough to be writing this blog and making DIY content for 8 years. Over that time, I've gotten the chance to try out half a dozen brands of drills and impact drivers. With all my options, I find myself reaching for the smallest and lightest pair, almost every time. I am THRILLED that I now get to use tools on my favorite battery platform, while still having the option to grab a small and lightweight tool

But the best part? Even though the HP Cordless Drill and Impact Driver are around 30% smaller than their older brothers, but thanks to those new brushless motors, they are just as powerful. 

Let's be real guys, I know everything I had to say sound likes the perfect advertisement, but I'm being honest with you. I've had nothing but good results so far and I'm totally digging the new Ryobi HP line. Let me know what you're curious about and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!  

Moving back to the adjustable sawhorses, I'm so curious what modifications you would make. 

I made four unique inserts for different DIY project demands. 
  • Hardwood and PVC Roller: Outfeed support for tools like the table saw and thickness planer. 
  • Ball Bearing Casters: They roll in 360 degrees. Great to move large items like furniture. 
  • Pointed Dowels: They support materials with minimal contact. Think painter's pyramids. 
  • Neoprene Weather Stripping: SUPER grippy! Holds materials in place without clamps. 

How to convert a simple sawhorse into the ULTIMATE adjustable height interchangeable workstation using FREE building plans

Once again, head over to BuildSomething.com to get your hands on the free building plans. 

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