4th Day of Christmas- Modern Tablescape

Thursday, December 11, 2014 -

Last month, my friend Jen Woodhouse sent me an email about an idea she had. Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm part of the 12 Days of Christmas Tablescapes Tour. Take a look at the a-mazing line-up of bloggers who are sharing their best DIY holiday table decor. 

Yeah, pretty much the best of the best. I have been following most of these people for years. If you were to create a list of the most kick-butt, DIY bloggers, it would look something like this. How my name got thrown in the mix amazes me! Check out all of my friends, and follow the schedule below to see the whole series. 

Mon Dec 8 – Rogue Engineer
Tue Dec 9  – Her Toolbelt

Wed Dec 10 – So Much Better With Age
Fri Dec 12 – Pretty Handy Girl
Mon Dec 15 – All Things G & D
Tue Dec 16 – brittanyMakes
Wed Dec 17 – House of Wood
Thu Dec 18 – Sawdust Girl
Fri Dec 19 – My Altered State
Mon Dec 22 – That’s My Letter
Tue Dec 23 – Ana-White.com

Today, I get to share my table design with you guys!

I'm digging more contemporary looks lately, so I tried to incorporate that look into a Christmas theme. I used a classic red, gold, and white pallet, and threw in a little plaid flannel to make the hipsters happy. No worries, I've got multiple tutorials coming at ya real soon. 

I used an old trick my mom taught me to easily turn a dollar store plate into custom dishware. 

Apparently, fur decor is "the thing" for Christmas this year. I keep seeing fur stockings filling up my Instagram feed. Faux fur napkins were a hard sell for my husband. Well, this bandwagon-jump-on-er loves the texture they give the table, and they are actually pretty awesome to wipe your face with. 

Did you realize you can buy 4-packs of cutlery from Walmart for 88¢ ?! Seven bucks and some spray paint later, I have a matching set of color dipped silverware. 

This assignment gave me the chance to tack a project I've been wanting to make for a while. I can't decide what to name it. Maybe, concrete centerpiece platform? Whatever I name it, I have a spot in my kitchen perfect for it. 

Do those studded plate chargers look familiar? You saw them here first.  Recycling is good for the planet. Tutorial for the studs coming soon. 

If you want a really cheap project, you could whip up some of these 3D Plywood trees. If you're like me, you can use plywood scraps you have lying around, and make them for free. 

Here's a look at the whole shebang. I know Christmas and Thanksgiving are the two times a year people actually eat at their formal dining table. I don't believe in formal anything. We all love to cook in this family, so we eat in the kitchen. 

So what do you think? I decided the most fun part of this series is seeing how each blogger infuses their personal style into their own table. Tomorrow, the 12 Days of Christmas Tablescapes Tour stops by Pretty Handy Girl. Make sure to stop by and give Brittany some love! 

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  1. I've been excited to see yours because I love your style. Everything is awesome! Love it, love it.

  2. This is so great, Elisha! Everything is perfect, and the plaid is spot-on. (Or plaid-on...). I love the concrete in the mix, too.

  3. Elisha, where do I begin! You are a recycling queen after my own heart! The plywood scrap trees, the fur napkins, the DIY chargers. My heart...skipping beats! Love everything you made and your full tablescape. Thanks for inviting us in.

  4. Love this, Elisha! And those color-dipped utensils?! Genius! Love all the modern DIY details too. Thanks so much for joining us on this little tour!!! :)

  5. How beautiful. I love the plaid plates and those wonderful fur napkins, so fun.

  6. I agree, such an awesome tour to be part of, and you fit right in! I'm loving your modern trees and your concrete platform - and those faux fur napkins are too cute!

  7. You had me at plaid plates and dipped silverware, but the concrete centerpiece platform stole my heart. Love, love, LOVE! Such a thrill to be a part of this fun series filled with so much wonderful talent!

  8. Oh so very nice! I love it so much I've pinned it for later! Thanks!

  9. i love this, elisha! love the modern trees, the colors, and the plaid!


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