Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grey Washed Chair and Country Chic Paint Giveaway

* I was provided the product for this post by Country Chic Paint free of charge. All opinions are my own and not influenced. I'm just happy to spread the word about good products.

I have been in the garage covered with sawdust, but I finally finish one of my favorite projects yet! I can't share it with you yet, but if you follow me in Instagram, you can see a couple sneak peeks. 

Anyways, said project required a donor table to complete. After hours of searching, I came across a perfect candidate via Craiglist. I picked up a solid pine, dining table with 2 crappy Ikea chairs thrown in to sweeten the deal. I had no need for the chairs, but you don't look a furniture horse in the mouth, so I took them home with me. I starred and starred at these thing trying to decide what to do with them. That's when I got an email from my new friends at Country Chic Paint

They asked if I would be interested in checking out some of their products. I have friends who have used their paint before and love it, so I quickly responded. I knew exactly what I was going to paint.

I got to try a few of their gorgeous colors, but the one I was really excited for is Dark Roast. 

Have you seen these pendant lights from Ikea? A friend from church has the same ones in her awesomely styled kitchen and I fell in love. In person, the color is a dark brownish-grey

HEKTAR Pendant lamp IKEA This lamp gives a pleasant atmosphere for dining, spreading direct light across your dining or bar table.
That's exactly what Dark Roast is. Cool, dark, brownish-grey. 

For this little project, I also got to play around with white wax. I've used white wax once or twice in the past and have been itching to experiment some more. I even bought some white, oil based paint to mix up a DIY batch. I'm SO glad I didn't have to. The white wax from Country Chic is a dream to work with. I was shocked when I opened the can that it actually smelled good. Not like cancer in a jar.

Same goes for their clear wax, which they call Natural Wax.

I decided I wanted some of the original wood grain to show through, so the first thing I did was to pour some Dark Roast in a cup with some water and mix up a paint wash. This stuff has some pigment! Some other paints I've used seem to just use thick texture to get good coverage. This stuff has a nice, smooth consistency, but major pigment and coverage. Be careful, it will stain anything it touches. 

Since my chair was basically bare wood, the wash worked almost like a stain. I brushed on a couple coats, wiping any drips in between. Like any good furniture paint, you don't have to sand or prime with Country Chic Paint (most of the time). 

After the paint wash dried, it was time to bust out the white wax. Once again, pigment city! This stuff is great! A bit firmer than I'm used to. I had no problem loading it on a chip brush, but I would say those of you not living in a place with 100+ degree temperatures may have to work the wax to load your brush. 

I brushed on an even coat and immediately wiped away the excess with a rag, simultaneously working the wax into the wood. To finish, I wiped the whole piece down with a coat of Natural Wax.

The end effect reminds me of sun bleached wood. 


The way the white wax gathers in the creased reminds me of the chalky white patina that iron gets from being outside. I definitely need to try this stuff on metal. 

Pardon the ridiculously girly pillow. I went through a shabby chic phase a few years ago. Totally not my style these days, but I liked the look of the white against the grey wood. What do you think? Not bad for a free chair eh?

For future reference, here is my formula for grey washed wood. Feel free to "pin" away.

Now for the great new. Country Chic Paint has generously agreed to give away some fabulous product to one of you lucky readers. Follow the Rafflecopter below for chances to win: 3 pints of Country Chic Paint in your choice of colors, 1 pint of Image Transfer Medium, 1- 8oz Natural wax, and 1- 4oz Antiquing wax

That's a whole box full of goodies people! Make sure to check out their website and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Outside [The Box] Link Party #4

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Crispy Caramel Apple Turnovers

Yep, its officially fall. Time for an apple recipe. Autumn is hands down my favorite season! I start daydreaming of fall in about August when I'm sweating bullets. It's starting to cool off (which means highs in the 90's in Arizona) so I got my bake on. This recipe was inspired by my husband's love for Taco Bell's caramel apple empanadas, sad to say. Years ago, when he was single, he came up with his own version using Hostess apple pies- true story. In full disclosure, they're actually pretty good. BUT.... not exactly my "style". I decided to come up with an upgrade.

Maybe not as easy as a Hostess pie, mine are still pretty simple to make and give you that yummy, autumn-y taste in a crispy, sweet shell. 

Start with diced apples. I like to use a couple types of apples to give a more complex flavor. This time I used Granny Smith and Fuji. 

Once cooking down a bit on the stove and adding, brown sugar, butter, cornstarch, cinnamon and vanilla, you have a rich, caramel apple filling.

The crust is so simple! Head to the store and buy yourself a box of puff pastry sheets. They are super easy to use!

It is sold in the frozen section, so allow to thaw on the counter for a few hours before you start to bake. One thaw, unfold one sheet at a time on to a lightly floured surface and cut into quarters. 

Spoon in your filling fold over and crimp the edges with a fork.

To avoid blow-out, cut a couple of small slits on the top to allow for steam.

Bake until lightly golden brown. While turnovers are still hot, top with caramel glaze and stick under the broiler till golden and crispy (just don't try doing this at someone else's house who's broiler you are not familiar with- trust me).

The end result has a crispy, sweet shell that gives perfect contrast to the flaky crust and gooey filling. Pretty fantastic.

Now what you are here for; the recipe for this perfect fall treat

Crispy Caramel Apply Turnovers
(makes 8 turnovers)


4                         Large baking apples- diced
2 Tbs                     brown sugar
2 Tbs                     granulated sugar
1/2 tsp                   cinnamon
2 Tbs                     butter
2 tsp                     cornstarch
2 Tbs                     water
1/2 tsp                   vanilla
                          pinch of salt

1 pkg (17.3oz)            puff pastry sheets


4 Tbs                      butter
1/2 cup                    brown sugar
1 Tbs                      honey
1/2 tsp                    vanilla

  1. Place diced apples, sugars and cinnamon in saucepan. Cook on medium-high heat till softened, stirring occasionally. 
  2. Add butter. Once melted stir in cornstarch and cook on medium heat till thickened. It shouldn't take long. 
  3. Remove from heat. Stir it water, vanilla, and salt. 
  4. Flatten out puff pastry on lightly floured surface. Cut each sheet into quarters.
  5. Fill each square with 1/8th of filling mixture, fold in half and crimp closed with fork. 
  6. Cut 2 small slits on top of turnover.
  7. Place on parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 15-18 minutes or until lightly golden brown.
  8. For glaze: In saucepan, melt butter and add brown sugar and honey. Once dissolved, remove from heat and add vanilla.
  9. Pour glaze over hot turnovers and place in oven on "low broil". 
  10. Watch closely! Broil till golden brown and bubbly. 
  11. Allow to cool for as long as you can stand and enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Outside [The Box] Link Party #3

Its party time again! You guys have been linking up some pretty fabulous stuff. Thank you! Remember to spread the love. This is a party, not a show-and-tell. Take some time to click on a few of the other links and be inspired! Now, on to the fun...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Trick For Spray Painting MDF

Have you ever spray painted MDF? It sucks, right? MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. For those curious minds, there is a Low Density Fiberboard (A.K.A. particle board), and a High Density Fiberboard (A.K.A. Hardboard).