6 FREE Minimalist Mountain Art Prints

Monday, October 31, 2016 -

Happy Halloween everyone! I want to thank you all for the fantastic response to my boys' Modern Bunk Beds that I shared last week! I'm thrilled with how they turned out and I'm glad you guys liked them too. 

My twin boys' bedroom is getting a full makeover. I'm still putting together the rest of the furniture and design elements, but wanted to share my latest project with you. I want to give the room a very subtle, mountain/wilderness theme while still keeping the modern style that runs through the rest of the house. I sketched up a set of 6 minimalist, printable art prints to hang on the wall. 

How to Build Modern Bunk Beds

Monday, October 24, 2016 -
How to build modern bunk beds. Use FREE building plans to make a set of bunk beds with minimalist design.

*This post is sponsored by PureBond Hardwood Plywood and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and remain uninfluenced. 

I am a twin mama. I have 7-year old identical boys. I kinda sorta decorated their room when I built their first "big boy" beds four years ago. Needless to say, their space is in MAJOR need of a makeover! I've started working on a new bedroom design and the first step was to build new bunk beds. 

How to Build a Leather Director's Bench

Friday, October 21, 2016 -
How to build a designer inspired, leather director's bench with FREE building plans

New building plans today! A few months back I fell in love with the Director's Bench from CB2, but wasn't about to spend $450 plus shipping. 

How to Make a Faux Stone Column

Thursday, October 20, 2016 -
how to make a faux stone column tutorial

A couple weeks ago I shared with you my front porch all decked out for Halloween. My boys were begging to make our house "creepy" this year, so I went with a graveyard theme. As soon as I saw a massive, faux stone gargoyle in the holiday section at Home Depot, I decided to make a column for him to sit on. 

Easy Skull Halloween Door Hanger

Friday, October 14, 2016 -
easy halloween skull door hanger tutorial

Last week I shared my spooky Halloween front porch with you guys and told you I would start sharing tutorials. I've got a really easy one for you today! Scroll down and find out how to make this easy, skull Halloween door hanger.


Spooky Graveyard Themed Halloween Front Porch

Monday, October 3, 2016 -
How to create a DIY spooky graveyard themed Halloween front porch.

Last month, I was invited to Participate in The Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge this year and we officially became the first house on the street to have our decorations up. I guess we're "those" people now : )
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