DIY Modern Master Bath Remodel: Before and Inspiration

Friday, October 27, 2017 -
Watch how I transform our dated master bathroom with a DIY modern remodel Before photos and inspiration.

*This post is sponsored by The Builder Depot and Schluter Systems. I have received materials in exchange for my review. 

I shared my hall bathroom makeover with you guys last week and the response has been great! Thank you guys! I'm glad you liked it. I was able to complete that transformation in one weekend, but I'm currently working on a MASSIVE project that is going to take me significantly longer. 

About a month ago my husband and I started a "down to the studs" remodel of our master bath. It's not been easy friends, but I'm convinced that it will be worth it. Up to this point, we've been working on things that I need my husband's help with (demo, framing, plumbing, etc.) so we pretty much only get one day a week to work on it. 

Check out the full series: 

We all love a good "before and after". I'll admit, I've seen probably hundreds of bathroom remodels, but I've rarely seen someone spell out the actual steps it takes for a large scale renovation. I've been trying something new and sharing our journey on my Instagram stories so you guys can get a good idea of the actual process of a DIY remodel. Here's the "before".

We knew when we bought the house two years ago the original bathroom had to go. Nothing was specifically wrong with it, it functioned fine, but it was cheap and dated. 

The shower is pretty small and we have never once used the bathtub the entire time we've lived here. We decided we'd much prefer a large, walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and a bench instead of a separate tub and shower. Honestly, when talking about doing everything ourselves, installing the shower is what scared me the most. We decided to use the Schluter System to simplify the process and I'm feeling much more confident. 

Recognize those cabinets? That oak and cultured marble goodness seemed to be in every house built in the 90's. Well, it's getting completely ripped out and replaced with a custom built vanity. 

One of the biggest motivations of the remodel was the desire to create a water closet. You can't see the toilet, but it's situated behind that wall. I love my husband, but I'm sick of staring at him sitting on the pot while I do my make-up. Luckily, by removing the bathtub, it opens up a space to move the linen closet and gives us enough room to put a door. 

The new shower will be larger, tiled and sport a frameless door. I hope to never have to scrub a fiberglass shower pan again. 

The look I'm going for is modern with some classical touches. I put together a mood board with most of the products I plan on using. I'm going to build my own vanity (don't worry, I'll be sharing building plans) but I used an inspiration photo to give you an idea. 

SconceMirrorWall Tile FaucetSinkDrawer Pulls

I've been stock piling materials in closets and my garage. I have a pallet full of the most amazingly gorgeous tile from The Builder Depot  just waiting for me to set. 

After months of filling my Pinterest boards, I've found some major design inspiration.

via Design Sponge
via Brepurposed 
via Design Sponge

 via Love Create Celebrate

I'm excited to share you what we've been working on! Part one is coming at you next week. Make sure you follow me on my social media channels to get all the updates and behind the scenes fun. Wish me luck!

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  1. I love the inspiration!! I can't wait to see what you'll do with it and how it'll look. So exciting!


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