How to Install Easy Subway Wall Tile

Monday, October 16, 2017 -
How to cover bathroom or kitchen walls with modern gray subway tile An easy make-over using peel and stick Smart Tiles

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If you've seen any of my recent Instagram Stories, you'll know that we are neck deep in a total, down to the studs remodel of our master bathroom. It's going to be SO good guys! I'm really close to sharing the first part with you. I promise I will have the first reveal up soon! 

In the meantime, we only have one other bathroom in the house, which means my husband and I are going to be sharing the hall bath with my kids for the next couple of months. I decided to give the space a  much needed, quick update. The biggest goal was to cover the walls and make clean-up easier (anyone with little boys knows what I'm talking about).

I've shared on more than one occasion with you guys my hatred for laying tile. If you've done much tile work you feel my pain. It's backbreaking and monotonous. The last time I touched the stuff was almost two years ago when I installed our stainless steel mosaic backsplash. When The Home Depot asked if I wanted to try The Smart Tiles I was about to say no until I looked them up...

Smart Tiles are actually peel and stick sheets that look just like the real thing. No special tools are required and no huge mess is made like you get with traditional tiling. I was a little worried faux tiles would look cheesy or fake, but I was pleasantly surprised. They are freaking gorgeous! I'm totally sold on Smart Tiles

I'm over at The Home Depot Apron Blog sharing the full, step-by-step installation. Check out the video below to see how quickly the application went. It only took me about one day to make-over our hall bath. 

Make sure to stop by The Home Depot Apron Blog to see the full bathroom reveal. I am SOOO happy with how the bathroom turned out! I've had a few questions, so I'll address them here:

  • Won't the humidity of a bathroom affect the adhesive?

Smart Tiles are actually designed to be installed in warm and humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms. We've been using our bathroom heavily for the last several weeks and it has held up beautifully!

  • Do they feel like real tile?

They aren't as cool or firm are glass and ceramic tiles. Although, no one who has seen them has been able to tell the difference. 

  • Can I put them anywhere? 

According to the manufacturer, you can install Smart Tiles on any smooth, undamaged surface, including over old tile and wallpaper. However, they can't be installed on the floor or inside a shower. 

  • How do you clean them?
I use a damp rag and a disinfecting spray to wipe down my Smart Tiles. Basically, however I would clean normal tile. 

Let me know if you have any more questions for me! I'd be happy to answer them. Like this idea and want to save it for later? Feel free to pin the image below. 

easy peel and stick modern gray subway tile bathroom makeover video how to

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  1. Your bathroom turned out beautiful! I can't believe you made such a huge change in one weekend. Can you tell me how you hung the shelves? It looks like they are attached to the towel rack? Where did you get them? Thanks for your answers in advance!!


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