How to Make a Modern Brass Handled Cutting Board

Monday, April 30, 2018 -
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I was walking around my local Home Depot a couple weeks ago and I made a freaking awesome discovery! Apparently, my location has started carrying 3/4" thick, S4S Walnut!!! S4S stands for Surfaced on 4 Sides. That means the boards are already smooth, straight, and ready to work with. You don't have to have a planer or special equipment to be able to create something with my very favorite hardwood. 

I had an idea for a simple but unique cutting board with a modern twist. I was totally inspired by my friend Tamar from 3 x 3 Custom, who has done some GORGEOUS projects mixing walnut and brass. 
Check out the build video, or keep scrolling for the free building plans, and remember friends, Mother's Day is in two weeks ; )

Materials List:

1. Cut two, 18" long 1 x 6 boards. On the top edge, mark 1" in from the outside corner. From that point, cut a 35 degree angle, making sure to flip the angle on the second board. 

2. Optionally, you may chose to use a router to add a decorative detail around the edge of the boards. Just make sure to leave the short side plain. 

To try to keep up with the angular, geometric design, I chose to use a chamfer profile. I recently started storing my router bits in a DeWalt Small Parts Organizer

I love that the dividers can be removed and reorganized to fit any shape. The 20 compartments are really convenient for storing all that random little stuff, like batteries

Speaking of batteries, did you know that Home Depot carries their own as part of the HDX line? As if I couldn't love that store a little more. They offer both AA and AAA batteries online only, but with free shipping. Time to stock up!

Back to the cutting board...

3. You can choose to join your boards however you'd like. Traditional options are dowels or biscuits, but for a small panel like this, you could probably get away with just using glue on the inside edges. Apply a healthy amount of glue to the joint and clamp tightly together to dry. 

4. When the panel is full dried, cut off the excess to square up the ends. 

5. To accommodate the brass handle, you'll need to drill 3/8", perpendicular holes through both outside edges. Measure 5/8" from the top edge and 3/8" from the face to find the center of the hole.

If you have a large drill press, that would be the ideal tool. If  that's not an option, you can set up a temporary jig using clamps and 2 x 4s to hold the panel upright at a 90 degree angle. Then, carefully use a cordless drill to make your 3/8" holes. 

6. Give the whole panel a good sanding, including the opening of the holes to prepare for the handle.

7. Mix up a small amount of epoxy adhesive and use a small dowel or toothpicks to spread it inside the handle holes. 

Slide the brass rod through both holes. Using a hacksaw or rotatory tool with an abrasive blade, cut off the excess. Then, sand the edge of the rod smooth. 

8. Sand the entire cutting board with a 320 grit sandpaper and apply a minimum of 3 coats of  cutting board oil (food grade mineral oil). Wipe of the excess oil and allow to dry for 24 hrs. 

Once cured, you're ready to start using your new cutting board!

You can't go wrong with walnut and brass. 

So one of my woodworker friends informed me that while pretty, technically this isn't a "cutting board". Apparently, real cutting boards are made from the end grain of wood. Since this is the edge grain, or long side of the wood, it should be called a "serving board". 

Cutting board or serving board, I'm still in love. The little chamfer detail around the edge really makes the board look professional. 

I want to kiss whoever decided to start stocking walnut at my Home Depot. I know the idea of working with brass is a little scary, but it's really something even a beginner could do! The simple incorporation has my wheels spinning and I'm trying to figure out a way to include more metal in my future builds. 

Like I said, Mother's Day is right around the corner and Father's Day isn't far behind. The good news is, this easy custom cutting board is inexpensive and simple enough, you could easily build a couple in one weekend!

Want to save this idea for later? Feel free to pin the image below. 

How to make a simple modern cutting serving board from walnut and brass rod

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