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Friday, May 24, 2019 -
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I get some crazy ideas from time to time. Like that one time I decided to pour epoxy resin over OSB sheathing and turn it into a dresser. Experiments are awesome things happen! Think about it, the first time a S'more was invented I bet someone in the room was thinking "you're going to stick that marshmallow where?". I've been itching to try two new techniques lately and finally thought up a cool idea to test them on. 

I've seen a few examples of bleached hardwood and knew that was a game I wanted in on. *Spoiler alert: it's ridiculously cool! I also have wanted to try my hand at drilling holes in glass. I know that sounds terrifying, but people do it all the time and after cutting the glass myself for my stacked cabinet kitchen remodel, I've discovered glass isn't nearly as intimidating as I once thought. 
So why a swinging terrarium? I am one of those people who chronically over-schedules my life and most of the time I feel like I'm running so fast my ears are on fire. I figured a little bit of nature sitting on my desk and something that I could quietly watch sway back and forth would be very relaxing. Almost like one of those old school balancing desk toys. It totally worked! Being able to see the plants grow and focus on the gentle rocking of the terrarium gives me a few seconds of peace each day.

Check out the build video for all the details and keep scrolling for the FREE building plans. 

Materials List:


1. Cut boards for Base

Cut four, 2-1/2" x 16" long boards. Cut a 15 degree angle on one end. 

2. Mark and Cut Half-lap Joints

Cross pairs of boards at a 15 degree angle and use a pencil to mark intersecting area. Use a circular saw or the Kreg® Adaptive Cutting System to make repeated parallel cuts, creating 3/8" deep half-lap joints between the marked lines of intersection.

3. Round Over Top Angle

Use a jigsaw to cut a full radius on the top of each leg pair.

4. Drill Holes

Drill 3/8" holes through both sets of legs. 1-1/2" from the top and 1/2" from the bottom edges.

5. Insert Brass Rods

Apply epoxy adhesive to the ends of the 7" brass rods. Insert rods into 3/8" pre-drilled holes in first leg.

6. Add Glass Vase

Drill 1/2" holes on opposite sides of glass vase 1-1/4" from the top edge. Make sure the holes are directly in line with each other or the vase will sit crooked. Next, slide vase onto upper brass rod.

7. Add Second Leg

Apply epoxy adhesive to the ends of all 3 brass rods and slide second leg into place. Wipe off any residue and allow epoxy to fully dry.

8. Add Plants

The glass vase doesn't allow any water to drain. Make sure you add a layer of gravel beneath the soil of your plants to allow for proper drainage. 

Place your new terrarium near a window for some light, get it swinging, sit back and relax. 

I used some leftover red birch from my Wood Record Console Speaker Screen to build the wooden base. I got a little creative with the finish and actually bleached the wood to get that pale white color. I LOVE how it looks against the shiny brass! Make sure you check out the video to see how that process went.

This type of terrarium is perfect for low maintenance plants like succulents which grow well in small containers. 

Drilling glass wasn't nearly as scary as it sounds! It got my gears turning and I'll definitely be working more glass into my future projects. 

You gotta check out the build video to get the full feel of the swinging. It sounds lame, but it truly is relaxing.

Ready to build you own? Feel free to pin the image below and save the idea for later.

how to build make video tutorial glass succulent plant terrarium relax meditate

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