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Friday, October 26, 2018 -
dewalt tools organization reviews pro compartment water proof

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I've told you guys before about the mess I call a shop. It's bad. Organization is not my strong suit, that's for sure. 

I'm working on it guys.

Since I've participated in The Home Depot ProSpective tool review program for a little while, I'm starting to grow a pretty healthy collection of tools. I've done a couple of projects to help provide storage, like my garage storage wall. That helps with tools and bigger things, but I really needed somewhere to stash little things like nuts, screws, dowels and nails. 

I decided to finally dust off the DeWalt Small Parts Organizers I had sitting on the shelf. I started with the larger, 10 Compartment Deep Organizer for bigger screws. Until now, I've just kept everything in the boxes they come in.

To help identify sizes easily, I used a permanent marker to write the sizes on the inside of the removable cubbies.

There are 2 different sized bins, which accommodate screws and bolts up to 5" long. As you can see, I use a lot of 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.

For all the tiny little bits, like dowels, tacks and even rubber bands, I used the DeWalt 10 Compartment Pro Small Parts Organizer.

The organizers are part of an integrated system that locks together. You can use one at a time, or snap one on top of the other. They are really affordable too. The bigger one is only $19.99 and you can score the smaller one for $9.99.

Do you see that yellow rubber seal around the polycarbonate lids? It helps prevent teeny tiny parts from falling out of their bins, but it does something else as well.

The seal tightly closes the lid around the compartments and once latched, makes the organizer water resistant. Of course I had to test that feature out. More than keeping water out, I think the tight seal would be put to good use keeping copious amounts of sawdust out.

Do you need some more storage too? (who doesn't?) Pick up a few DeWalt small parts organizers and ditch all those paper boxes.

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dewalt 10 compartment organization storage small parts review

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