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Thursday, November 1, 2018 -
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About a month ago I published a video for my Double Ended flip-top workbench and you guys have been AMAZING! Thank you! The response has been really great. Apparently, you guys love shop builds. 

In the video, I mentioned I'd be releasing the follow-up video for the outfeed rollers that I paired with my new Ridgid 13" Thickness planer. Well, life got crazy and I ended up going to Japan for 8 days! (yes, it was unbelievable). So, I'm finally sharing the whole build, including free plans for you to build your own outfeed roller system. 

This system is super cheap (under $20) and could be modified to work with a number of different large tools, like a miter saw or even a table saw. A good outfeed system help make moving, milling, and cutting large materials much safer and easier. 

Materials List:

  • (1) 2 x 6 x 36"
  • (4) 7/8" wood dowel
  • (1) 10' x 1-1/4" PVC pipe (inner diameter approx 1")

Cut List:

  • (2) 2 x 6 @ 15"
  • (7) 7/8" dowel @ 15"
  • (7) 1-1/4" PVC @ 14-15/16" 

Check out the video tutorial for the full build. For the plan diagrams and steps, keep scrolling.

1. Cut Materials

Use a miter saw or hand saw to cut boards, dowels and PVC pipe to lengths.

2. Attach Dowels

Align wood dowels perpendicular to one of the 2 x 6 side boards. Space 7/8" diameter dowels, 2"center to center and allow a 1-1/2" spacing from either end. Use the height of your tool's outfeed to determine the vertical spacing of the dowel's location. Pre-drill and secure dowels to side board using 3" screws.

3. Add PVC Pipe

Slide a 14-15/16" PVC pipe sleeve over each wood dowel.

4. Add Second Side

Place the second, 2 x 6 side board on the opposite end of the dowels. Pre-drill and secure using 3" screws.  

5. Align and Install

Place roller assembly in line with your large tool. For a more secure option, attach the assembly to the work surface. 

These are SO HANDY! I am incredibly grateful I build this simple out feed roller system, every single time I use my planer. I kinda want to make two small sets for either side of my miter saw as well. 

Like this idea? Want to save it for later? Feel free to pin the image below. 

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